How To Decorate your Clear Phone Case?

Written by Claire Smith


Posted on October 29 2023

Creative Ways To Decorate.


Clear phone cases are a popular choice for smartphone owners who want to show off their device's sleek design while still protecting it. However, a plain clear case doesn't have to be boring! You can personalize and decorate your clear phone case to make it unique and stylish. In this blog, we'll explore various creative ways to decorate your clear phone case to reflect your personality and taste.


Materials You'll Need:

Before we dive into the decorating ideas, here are some materials you might need:


1. Clear Phone Case: Make sure it's compatible with your smartphone model.

2. Washi Tape: A decorative, low-adhesive tape available in various patterns and colors.

3. Stickers: You can find a wide variety of stickers to suit your style.

4. Acrylic Paints: Use them to create custom designs.

5. Permanent Markers: For intricate designs and details.

6. Mod Podge: A clear adhesive and sealant for preserving your creations.

7. Printed Photos: Your favorite pictures can be incorporated into your design.

8. Resin: For creating 3D effects and embedding small decorative items.


Decorating Ideas:


Washi Tape Design:


Washi tape is an excellent way to add color and patterns to your clear phone case. You can create stripes, geometric shapes, or even intricate designs. Just cut the tape to the desired length and stick it onto the case. Overlap and mix different patterns for a unique look. Make sure to seal it with Mod Podge to prevent the tape from peeling off.



Sticker Collage:


Stickers are a quick and easy way to personalize your clear phone case. You can use stickers that reflect your interests, such as plants, animals, or your favorite quotes. Create a sticker collage or arrange them in a specific pattern. Make sure to press them down firmly to avoid air bubbles.



Hand-Painted Designs:


If you're artistically inclined, use acrylic paints and permanent markers to create custom designs. You can paint abstract patterns, landscapes, or your favorite characters. Be sure to let the paint dry completely before sealing it with Mod Podge.



Photo Collage:


Print your favorite photos and create a collage inside your clear phone case. This adds a personal touch to your case and allows you to carry cherished memories with you everywhere. Ensure the photos are the right size and adhere them to the inside of the case.



3D Effects with Resin:


For a unique and eye-catching design, you can experiment with resin. Create 3D effects by embedding small items like dried flowers, beads, or tiny trinkets in the resin. Pour the resin into your clear phone case and let it cure according to the manufacturer's instructions.


 Custom Decals:


Consider creating custom decals or vinyl stickers. You can order or make your own designs, logos, or monograms. Apply them to your case for a personalized and professional look.


Glitter and Sequins:


Add some sparkle to your phone case by adhering glitter or sequins. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge, sprinkle your chosen decorative elements, and let them dry. Seal it with another layer of Mod Podge to keep the glitter or sequins in place.





A clear phone case doesn't have to be dull. With a little creativity and some basic materials, you can transform it into a personalized accessory that reflects your style and personality. Whether you choose to use washi tape, stickers, paints, photos, resin, custom decals, or glitter, your decorated clear phone case will not only protect your device but also make it stand out in the crowd. So, get started on your DIY phone case project and show off your unique design to the world!