How To Take A Phone Case Off

Written by Claire Smith


Posted on August 26 2023

Quick and Easy Steps!


Have you ever struggled to remove your phone case from your phone? I know I have. Nearly all phone cases fit very tightly onto our phones. This is to ensure our phones are protected when you may accidently drop it onto the ground. There are a number of reasons why you may need to take your phone case off your phone. For instance, you may need the phone case off for cleaning and disinfecting or you may be replacing your case with a brand new one. Whatever the reason, follow these quick and easy steps below to remove your phone case smoothly without damaging your phone.


 What you will need:

 You will need a soft cloth or a soft towel and a credit card, however this is optional.


Step 1:

First lay a soft cloth or a soft towel on a table or flat workspace. (We strongly recommend doing this first to prevent your phone from getting scratched or cracked when removed from the phone case.)

Step 2:

Next securely hold your phone in one hand, its best to start with the side that doesn’t have the volume buttons. This will be different depending on which phone you have. Now begin removing the bottom left corner of the case by using your thumb to pry the case away from your phone. If this doesn’t work use your thumb nail or a credit card instead by poking your nail in between your case and phone. This will pop your phone out of the bottom edge of the phone case’s grip.  (Try to avoid bending your case so you do not damage your phone.)

Step 3:

Now using your thumb again start removing the top left corner of the case away from your phone. Make sure your phone is still securely held in your hand as your phone may slip out from the case after the top corner is released. (Stop applying pressure if you notice your case is bending as you could snap your case if you over bend it. Try prying from a different angle.)

Step 4:

If your phone hasn’t slipped out yet, use your thumb again to gently slide the phone out to remove it from the phone case. You can also just tip your case over and let your phone drop out from the other side. (If you do this be ready to catch your phone for a safer landing.)


Looking for a new phone case

Now that you know how to remove your phone case for your phone, you may now be looking for a brand-new phone case to replace your old one.  If that is the case, we’ve got you covered!