What To Do With Old Phone Cases

Written by Claire Smith


Posted on January 13 2023

There's SoManyOptions.

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old phone case? Should you recycle? donate? repurpose? Keep reading to find out what to do with your old phone case.


Recycling your old phone case.

When it comes to recycling phone cases, unfortunately you cannot just toss them into plastic recycling bins. This is because many phone cases are made of a mixture of materials such as rubber, silicone, plastic and metal. So, recycling needs to be handled by certain companies who are equipped to do so. The good news is there are companies that provide recycling for your old phone cases.

Terracycle is a recycling company from America specializing in materials that are hard to recycle. They are committed to “recycling everything”.

In order to recycle your old phone case, all you have to do is request a free shipping label from Terracycle to ship your old phone case to them for recycling. They accept phone cases from any brand. In return you will earn reward points for your recycling to a charitable organization or school of your choice. Not only is this process simple, it’s also rewarding.


Donating your old phone case.

Perhaps you have upgraded your old phone so you no longer require your old phone case. In that case you can consider donating your case. Donating your old phone case not only keeps non-biodegradable materials out of the environment, but it can also help people who are less fortunate.

There are a number of charitable organizations such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army that happily accept donations of lightly used phone cases. They will even accept old phone cases you may still have laying around that fit phones from much older models. There are individuals who can get some use out of these older cases and may consider purchasing them.

Donating your unwanted phone cases to Goodwill or The Salvation Army gives them a greater chance of being used again, and you might be helping someone find a phone case for a cheaper price.

Other charitable organizations that you can donate your old phone case to are the 1 Million Project Foundation, 911 Cell phone Bank, Secure the Call, and Medic Mobile.

You can also donate your old phone cases to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. This organization uses all funds gained from the proceeds from the sale of the materials from the cases to help those who survived domestic violence. This shows you that you don’t have to recycle your old phone cases to ensure they remain useful. Donating your phone case to a great cause can be very gratifying.


 Re-purpose your old phone case.

Another option on what you can do with your old phone case is to up-cycle your case into another useful item. This can be a great option if your phone case is still in a fairly good condition. Here are 11 ideas;

1.Soap dish

If you have children why not try to re-purpose your old phone case as a cool fun soap dish. The handy thing is some cases have silicone or rubber-sized backs which can prevent the cases from slipping around on bathroom sinks.

2.Sponge Holder

You can re-purpose your old phone case as a sponge holder for your kitchen sink top or as a tray when using the sponge to clean around the house to prevent the surfaces from getting wet.

3.Little Tray

You can use your old phone case as a little tray to store small jewelry items like earrings and rings around the house or while staying in a hotel or camping.

4.Bedside Change Dish

Why not  re-purpose your old phone case as a bedside change dish while traveling abroad.

5.Pocket-Sized Notepad

You can transform your old phone case into a pocket-sized notepad with a pen. This is done by attaching a sticky notepad on the inside of the case and fixing the pen with some loop dots, adhesive-backed hook or permanent tape.

6.Votive Candles

You can use your old phone case to place votive candles to protect furniture tops, this also keeps candles organized and tidy. The phone case also makes it easier to move the candles from different rooms in a power outage.


You can re-purpose your old phone case as a tray to keep small nuts and bolts organised and their threads free from grit and dirt while working on a motorcycle or a mountain bike in a gravel parking lot.

8.Screw Holder

You can use your old phone case as a place to hold screws when taking apart items with tiny screws. Just lay your phone case upside down on a table to keep those small parts together.


You can re-purpose your old phone cases as coasters to keep your tabletops free from unappealing condensation rings. You will need to find drinking glasses that match the size of your phone case.

10. Luggage

To make it easier to identify your luggage on the belt at the baggage claim, you can use the open camera hole on your old phone case and zip-tie it to your luggage. Also if your luggage gets lost you can glue on a business card or tag with your contact information making it easier for someone to track you down.

11. Utensils

If you love to cook and frequently have several spoons for stirring and mixing on the counter why not use your phone case to rest the utensils on so they don’ t dirty your counter-tops.

Whether you choose to recycle, donate or repurpose your old phone case, if you now need a brand-new phone case we've got you covered!